Small misspelling

I’m sure you guys already know this. St. Maarten Center is incorrectly labeled “St Marteen” so ATC reads it back incorrectly.

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Devs, if you read this, can you put a space between “Air” and “Lines” for “Delta Air Lines”? There is a space.

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And also, is it possible to add in the ER in the Boeing 767-300 considering that all of the models are a -300ER (Except for maybe the old UA)

I know these next two are nitpicking considering that I have seen people use both and they are small, but both are my ultimate aviation pet peeves!!!

It’s the Embraer E-170! Not the ERJ-170! The ERJ is a separate aircraft line than the E. (This applies to the -175, -190, -195).

Also, it’s the Boeing 777F, not the Boeing 777-200F. Maybe if they release a 777-8F/-9F/-300F, then the -200F would be legit.

Best, Boeing707

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If your gonna correct ATC pronunciation errors pls correct “HiLo” on the Big Island it’s “HElo”… Max Sends

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Rename “Grand Case” correctly. Pls. There is only one Princess. Max Sends

Boeing707, the ERJ applies to Embraer’s ERJ 145 family.

Yes. That’s what I said…

Long live the DC-9!