Small map missing?

I’ve searched around and couldn’t find anything related.
The map next to the throttle is no longer there for me, I can’t seem to find anything to enable it again, but it makes it very difficult flying around busy airports.

Was just wondering, what camera are you using whilst flying?


You are probably using the other HUD-options. Usually, when you spawn, the correct HUD is already selected. If this is happening even after selecting the correct HUD, reinstall the app. Also, keep in mind that it is only available in the cockpit and the HUD view.


Hello LoadHaul! There is a three-squared button in which you hold down, this can apply different HUD Options. If you hold down, then scroll your finger down slightly, it should appear with the map. And your HUD should now say “HUD 1”. Hope this helped!

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It’s present on all cameras, used to be there when the hud was selected. I spawned in yesterday and it was all good.

I see, thanks. This can be closed.

No worries! Glad I helped. A Moderator should close it shortly