Small issue with the LiveFlight app

Hello! I was just tracking my flight through LiveFlight, and I noticed something. I’m not sure if this is a persistent bug, or just a glitch.

Anyway, I’m flying an American Airlines 777-200ER in the 2013 livery, as seen below.

However, in the LiveFlight app, it is labelling my aircraft as being in the old-style aluminum livery.

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Im not 100% sure, but i have observed when flying a newer updated livery, an older livery version will appear because the aircraft images haven’t been updated on LiveFlight in a while. Its like with the a220 on the map, it shows up as "Avro Canada VZ-9 :)

Cheers, Rye.

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So is LiveFlight maintained by the Infinite Flight company? Or is it a third-party thing?

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Liveflight is owned by Cameron (well he’s the main developer of it) :)


LiveFlight is a third party website run by Cameron who is now a full time developer with Infinite Flight, meaning that he has a lot less time to run things over at LiveFlight as he’s more dedicated to the day to day running of Infinite Flight.


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