Small Interview For First Officers

Hello, my name is Jonah and I am currently a college student at Bakersfield College. I am taking a communications class and I have to interview someone with my dream career.

  • What communication skills (ex: public speaking, small group, interpersonal etc.) do you use most often in this job?
  • What is one communication skill you would you like to strengthen to help you in your job and how would it help?
  • On the job, what kinds of people do you communicate with most often?
  • Describe the communication environment within your company. How does it support you? What improvements would you make?
  • What was your fall back career choice if aviation hit a slump like it did in 2020 with Covid-19?
  • Why did you choose aviation?
  • How long did it take for you to reach the position you are currently in?
  • What was one of your greatest flights and destinations you have visited while working?
  • What aircraft do you have your certifications for?
  • If you could, what is something you would recommend to future pilots?
  • What is a high stressed situation you have encountered while flying?
  • What was it like switching from general aviation to working with the major airlines?

I really do appreciate it and would like to reach out to you in the future for help and advice. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day! I really do need help. I have reached out to so many pilots who haven’t gotten back to me. This assignment is due tonight (10/11/2021).


Did you need someone to answer the questions?

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Yeah. I do need someone to reply to the question

Getting answers is the whole point of an interview, its not “cheating.” 🤨 Unfortunately I’m not much of use here, good luck on your assignment Jonah.


I think he’s a student taking a course about interview techniques …its ideas for an assignment, I assume, he’s not going for an airline interview himself. (thats how I’m reading it)

Wouldn’t be a interview without getting an answer back. You’d be talking to a wall in that case.

Most of the questions above are life experiences, and since I assume none apply to you, its best not to reply at all.


He’s a student and has to “interview” someone but hasn’t got to anyone that he’s asked before

Ah, thanks for explaining that.

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Whilst there are many real pilots in this forum, they’re probably busy with real life commitments and unable to participate in your questionnaire by this deadline.

However, if you can alter it to include First Officers @ approved VAs/VOs then you might get some quick answers.

All the best!

Does the person have to be an airline or can it be someone currently in training right now?

It does have to be someone currently flying commercial

Sadly it does have to be someone working as an airline pilot, it can’t be VAs or VOs

Ohh I was answering some of the questions for you already lol

😂 it is all good man. Thank you for your support anyways!

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For all of you who have replied with some help, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I was able to got an email from a FO who answered the questions and I was able to complete the assignment. I also passed the presentation part of this interview as well. Once again thank you all!

Jonah Granados


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