Small glitch on expert

I noticed something odd yesterday whilst flying on expert . . .

I was beginning my decent into Palm Springs (Tower had given me clearance) and I noticed one of the global beta testers flying past me. They were pretty close by so I was keeping an eye on them and also checked out their flight plan which was San Diego to New York.

Immediately after this I lost all connections (similar to usual network errors) and then had an onscreen message saying another user was already using my user details and the 3 bars in the top right of my screen (normally orange or green) turned red? I have never seen this before.

So not sure if this is was purely coincidental or a possible glitch?

Does anyone know what happened?

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It may be possible that there was a network error.

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More likely a connection glitch on your side, as you received the message about your account being used somewhere else. That can happen if you loose connection briefly and then reconnect. Live servers fails to detect your disconnect and think another one is using your account, when in fact you are the only one doing so.