Small glitch! Am I the only one who sees it?!

Dear Pilots,

First of all, let me make this extremely clear that I am not complaining… this is merely an observation. I love Infinite Flight! So here goes… When you deploy the landing gear, do you notice that the landing gear kind of blinks (it disappears for a split second and then reappears). Also, I am wondering if anyone has brought this to the attention of the developers… Again, this is not a major issue at all, but I wonder why this happens in the first place. Surely, it is a very easy fix for the devs.


Maybe it means that the gear is changing from a transparent object to a solid object.

What is your Aircraft/ what lights do you have on

I see it when the landing gear locks down for landing.

exactly! I wonder why his happens… should be an easy fix i guess

Maybe because there isn’t a perfect way to transition between retracted/extended gear.

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Known issue.