Small GA airfields and the Idle on Runway Violation

I’m a newbie to Infinite flight online and I’ve searched high and low on this forum for the correct procedure when spawning into a small GA airfield that does not have parking area poke points. We end up spawning on a runway. To avoid the Idle on Runway violation on the training server (hope to be there in a few weeks), what is the correct way to handle this issue. Should I just pull in the grass somewhere while setting up my flight plan, etc. Thanks for your help

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Pulling up on to the grass works best (:


Thanks for the help. I’ve heard the Experts complain about pilots running on the grass and I didn’t what to get nailed for doing that. Hopefully someone will clarify this because all of the uncontrolled fields are on unicom and the small ones don’t have designated parking. I think it would be easy to get the Idle on Runway violation and having no idea why. Thanks again.

At airports with designated taxiways, this is an issue. Nothing wrong with a grass airfield, especially one that is rather small and has no proper starting points.


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