Small F/18 Group Flight

Is anyone up for a quick small group flight between two American AFBs?
Just to be clear I don’t want this to be an event, just a spontaneous quick group flight.


Yes where are we going I’ll be the Golden Warrior Livery

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Ok just fly in formation no crazy maneuvers also what server

Ok, we’ll start at KSSC and fly to KNPA

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Expert server

Let’s go Lieutenant

Use callsign Viper 2 flight of 2

Parking at North Fighter H02

We’ll cruise at FL400 and MACH 1.0

I’ll Land runway 5L and you land runway 5T

Thanks for the flight

Yeah that was fun, you wanna do a refuelled one day?

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Yes Totally

You available now for it?

Just saw you guys, have a great flight @Ethan_Brown @VH-OEJ_747


No it’s midnight here I need to go get some sleep

Ok no worries

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