small error on the livery of 787-10

Hello I noticed that he had a small error on this livery of Air France on the boeing 787-10 instead of 787-9


Please, you want to move it on the 787-9

They know about this and it’s supposed to be like that.

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Air France has 8 of the 787-10 on order, that’s why the livery in on this aircraft in IF.

Look at the list and you’ll see that they have -10 on order, scheduled for delivery in sometime in the near future, I would say in the next coming 2 years probs :)

FDS has added Eva Air, Etihad, ANA, and bunch of other Liveries that don’t exist today, but they are all costumers of the -10, with orders on it, juts waiting for delivery.


It was not an error, the Devs did it on purpose.


Yes I just watched on Wikipedia is they have the 787-10
( 8)

They have them on order, which means they will get them in the future. They don’t have any at all right now.

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