Small concern about the 777-200 rework

The 777-200 is one of my favorite planes to fly in the sim, so it’s great to see all the work being put in to it.

My concern is that like the A350, there probably will be so much detail added to it that it makes the sim somewhat laggy whenever i fly it, unless I turn graphics settings to low, which I wouldn’t like to have to do. I’m somewhat hoping lessons from the A350 experience are taken into account in developing the 777, so users won’t be forced to buy more powerful devices just so that the sim runs more smoothly on better graphics settings.

Flying the A350 is amazing but the lag (apparent lower frame rate due to its features) sometimes takes away from then enjoyment of flying it. My iPad mini 4 probably can’t handle it well it seems.

Just a thought I’m sharing in hopes that development is taking into account how the plane will perform on various devices.


Trust me, as someone who had to struggle with using an IPhone 6s with almost no storage for a month after the A350 came out, there was nothing worse than that Sunday morning where I was approaching Doha after a 12 hour flight from Philly and the game crashed. Sadly, there’s really nothing you can do about it besides lowering your graphics, but I get that low graphics doesn’t make IF as fun to fly in


Infinite flight is taking advantage of the capabilities seen in newer devices, and obviously, some older devices will become obsolete.
I feel your struggle, but at this point all you can do is drop graphics, or upgrade to a newer device.


The developers and beta testers will all work together to ensure that the optimization will work across a great chunk of the devices out there. We realize the lag can be frustrating. Welcome to the world of what folks have to deal with in beta. 😁

Something to keep in mind is technology ages very quickly. We don’t expect folks to go out and buy a new iPad every year. But the old devices will require users to adjust their settings to help out with certain issues.


This is a constant, never ending struggle.
Details <-> Performance. Increasing one usually makes the other decline, given the same device.
For example, the iPad Mini 4 is approaching 5 years old as a model. It came out 2 years before we even had Global. Think about how much has happened since then :)

This is an unfortunate truth that you’ll never be able to escape, emphasizing on very.


It definitely seems to be a never ending struggle. I have found workarounds to have the sim run smoothly (like remaining in the virtual cockpit or zooming a certain distance away from the A350 with the “following/normal” camera angle) but then I can only do that for so long until the time to upgrade does come. It’s basically an eventuality. Thanks for the input!

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even my iPad 7th 2018 lag in the busy airport and freeze for 3 seconds and continue running the game sometimes.(but game barely crashed)
I use graphics at max.
So yeah for this game, processor and RAM are extremely important


There’s never too much detail! Devices will always be more powerful than the last. IF is somewhat laggy on my phone applying to all aircraft which doesn’t make a difference to frame rate for me at least. I’ve gotten used to the lag and hope I will get a new phone with an upgrade at some point.

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The planes are amazing! The design is amazing! Don’t get my wrong, i agree! I have to set my graphics to low low low and i still get lAG!

My mobile just have 16gb and 2 of ram and the game run a little bit laggy but its playable lol

I think the main issue here is that the most resource intensive IF sessions (long hauls) are typically done with older devices
Actually, there is something they need to fix though.
The resolution option definitely should not affect live cockpit (it becomes unusable on low)


I feel your pain after I complete my after take off checklist I I set the graphics to low and once i reach cruise i set my speed and lower my brightness right down and flip the screen so auto brightness doesn’t get to the battery when I’m 150NM out i turn the graphics back to max just dont turn on anti analisng and your device should run smooth i use an iPad just the normal 9 inch

On my device I see that my sim runs great on medium settings (the planes look more realistic) and everything is very smooth. However with the A350 there is some lag. I’ve never needed to turn the graphics low since the bug fixes after 19.4. It’s only the A350 that needs adjusting to. I fly in the cockpit most of the flight so there’s not really much lag but when I pan around the plane the frame rate goes down. To make up for it I zoom out of the plane until the frame rate is smooth like with all other planes. I nevertheless simply avoid ultra long hauls in the A350 (I’ll do 10 hours max).

As the dev team did in July, I’d be perfectly happy with a simple reconfiguration of the 777-200 cockpit so live instruments are added, rather than reworking the whole plane. But I understand that with advancements in technology our community and the sim we enjoy needs to continue to develop to be the best mobile flight sim it can possibly be. So the reality is if we love IF enough eventually we’ll buy newer devices.

Concern already addressed.