Small adjustments for best experience

I believe Devs have made an awesome work with IF simulator, and i think there are some small adjustments that can be made to make LIVE experience more realistic.

On this topic i want to share this small things that i believe the system should be able to do.

Please support the suggestions that you Like; maybe this will be a nice feedback for Devs.

Please write down what adjustments you mean.


The Callsign should be automatic depending on the livery and type of airplane selected (KLM xxx Heavy).

For GA, it will be nice if you can select a country of registration, using actual registration preffix; so if you select USA, the call sign will begin with N, for Colombia instead, it will begin with HK or HJ, etc.


Its a long list, i will write each theme separately so its easier to identify the features that people like the most.


Depending on the aircraft you want to fly, the system should show you only the airports and gates available. For example, you should be restricted to use a heavy airplane on a class charlie airport, nor on a General Aviation Gate.



All this information should be use to permit pilots to use specific planes.

Few FH, XP, and ST = Small aircrafts (Cessna, Citation, etc)

Big Numbers = Any aircraft

Low Standings = Don’t permit the use of fast aircrafts such as the F14. Is annoying when people are using this aircrafts in an unrealistic way. If someone happens to fly several times in an F14 faster than 250Knts under 10,000ft, the standings should rate below 100%, and he won’t be able to use this type of aircrafts until reaching 100% standings.

More Flight Hours, bigger aircrafts. Just as in real life, you´re required to have a lot of flight hours to be able to fly a big airplane. This should encourage pilots to gain more experience.

I think this will encourage beginners to learn faster because they want to fly their big airplanes in LIVE and once they reach this, the will want to to keep it.

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I have a 100% standing but absolutely no idea how to fly a F-14 😂



Selecting your desired gate from the List is extensive; most of the people just select the first gate that appears in the list and this is why you see all the time planes coming out from others (spawning).

It will be nice for pilots to select only a zone where they want to begin taxi (for example GA, CARGO, HANGAR, MAINT, TERMINAL No. XX) and the system should put you in a random gate within the zone that you select.

It will be even nicer, if the available zones corresponds to the type of aircraft and livery selected (Heavy airplane with a commercial LIVERY shouldn’t be in a General Aviation Gate.)

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The system should show only the Frequencies that are in your area.

A Null frequency should be able, so if theres no other frequency available in your area, theres no need of staying on the last used frequency used.

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The Airport Lists should be organized by Class (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) and then by alphabetical order.


If after being warned the pilot continues to exceed speed limits (35knts ground, 250knts under 10,000ft) an automatic ghosting should occur for several minutes. This will protect other pilots for a more realistic experience.


If in Maps you select a destination airport, it will be very nice if the system suggests the real routes with approach. This will result in a very realistic experience for all of the pilots and ATCs.

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When there’s an unrealistic taxiing such as passing over a spot that is actually an airport building or through grass, the pilot should be automaticly ghosted and/or show it as crash.

That’s a lot of soft yes/no logic gates for ghosting on grass and unrealistic taxiing. Implementation might be tricky. The whole gate indicator thing have been discussed ad infinitum, it’s difficult to implement because of the time spent loading up, it will not reflect on the server end during client end load of the map, the indicator will not completely fix people spawning in each other. Auto ghosting in playground suggestions are already implemented, if repeated violations are found, ghosting is automatic in both playground and advanced.

Some great ideas there. Whilst not all of them are new features, but tweaks, be worth starting a new thread for some of them in the FEATURES category (One thread per idea!) . Particular like the Airports and Gates Idea as well as the Suggested routes idea (though that could be a bit complicated but by showing available SID or STAR for airports selected could help make it more realistic for both ATC and pilots!)

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i suggest we can add “Other…” option in the Airline callsign selection, as like we can put our VA name, following the flight number. As we can hear “YourVA 4” ( {airline: other : yourVA} {flight number: 4} {suffix: none}

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