Sluggish on Android

IF is very sluggish on Android. I am running v. 6.0.1 Any help is appreciated.

When you say sluggish, do you mean slow and laggy? If so, reduce your graphics settings.

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That would describe, I suppose that would describe it, it kinda skips and sputters and stutters along. When I hit the com icon to transmit, it flashes extremely fast. additionally tutorials/support won’t load either. I have to use my PC for them.

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Maybe reinstall the app. Only thing I can really suggest is to just change the graphics to a little lower than they currently are.


Thanks man, I will certainly try that. It has now decided to update Android to v. 7.0.1. So it will be a few before I can try it.

What device do you use?

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Asus Android Tablet that is running v. 7.0.1

I also have an LG that run Android v. 5.1 both are acting the same way.

Below are some basic steps taken that may help resolve the issue:

  • Keep as much unused internal device memory (RAM) available. 1GB is the recommended amount
  • Always close other apps before opening Infinite Flight
  • Keep your device fresh by completely restarting device power occasionally
  • Disable active add or message blocking apps
  • Don’t install unapproved apps
  • Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device
  • Don’t install IAP unlocking apps
  • Ensure Text to Speech (TTS) is enabled on Android devices
  • Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device
  • Unplug your modem and WiFi router for about 30 seconds, then plug them back in if online “lag” occurs
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings

For in-flight performance, please refer to these helpful tips:


Thanks so much Tyler, perhaps this will prove to be very helpful. :)

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Tyler,thanks again for your help. It runs very smoothly now.