Slowing down problems with 777-300ER

When I fly The Triple 7-300ER I have Problems slowing it down even with my spoilers armed, my flaps on 30 degrees and it just speeds up constantly I’m trying to get my Grade to 5 but the speed violations are stopping me from doing so someone please give me tips on slowing this plane down

Won’t help you in mid air. Use flight, but you shouldn’t need to.

What speed do you try and slow down from? Also slow down before/on a low decent rate.

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Well when I’m going from KSAN TO KLAX I have her going 500kts and my altitude at 12,500

Too fast my friend.


What’s the max speed I should go ?

IAS about 320 knots, until Mach hits about .82 then follow the Mach .82 while you continue to climb

Not faster than 330 KIAS to keep it realistic.

But 260 kts is fast enough at 12.500 ft.

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In the HUD, you will see a group of data below the speed indicator. The number next to the M should never do about 8.87, but as @Ryan_Vince said try to keep to a max of 0.82.

Are any of you willing to do a flight run with me to test this ?

Please be more specific in the title, maybe “Slowing Down Problems in The B77W”.

And I’m in to flying the bigger Boeing planes so I feel this is the best of for me

One more question what should I put my flaps on when I’m taking off

Please make a separate topic for that.

5 or 15 depending on runway length

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One suggestion is 250/310/84 this is usually for climb out. 250 below 10,000ft after 10,000 you can speed up to 310 and crusie around mach .84 or lower. Which will put at a certain speed for example if you cruise at Fl120 probaly 290 to 300 knots. For the descent i would slow to 280 or 260. Normally unless atc tells you to go 250 you can just slow to 240 once you reach 10,000ft

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It’s best do that but for his issue I would say just out your throttle to 0% three quarters into your journey and out the spoilers one that will give you a lot of time for your plane to slow down once the airspeed is below 250 then descend

My suggestion would be to slow down and bleed off energy slowly, 31,411,250,000J is a lot of kinetic energy to bleed off. (500 knots at MLW). Changing speed to 260 knots will slash your kinetic energy by 73% thus making the plane a lot easier to slow down.

What speed should I land at

You should be slowing down waay before 12,000ft if your speed is 500kts

I would land at 165 with 10% trim to get a very smooth landing depending on your weight

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