Slowing Down At Normal Climb Rate

Hello! Something that happened to me 2 times, is slowing down at a normal climb rate. The first time was in an A330 coming out of Honolulu, actually at the Honolulu flyout event! The second time was the exact same thing; A330 out of Honolulu. Both of those times, I was climbing at a normal rate of VS 2700, which I usually do. It’s weird though that it only happens near Hawaii. Once I get to about 26000, the wings start shaking, the airspeed gets below 150 KTS, and the engines are trying their best at 100% to speed up. Has anyone else experienced this?

That would be the A330 and most other heavies as well for you in a nutshell.

2700VS above FL200 is way too much with a heavy aircraft.


So what should be my VS when climbing?

You should adjust your VS to maintain about 87% n1


This is a pretty sane approach. I personally let it go higher at higher altitudes but never above 100%, as you then now you’re approaching the limit of the aircraft’s performance capabilities.


Why haven’t I been trying this(??): let your engine setting limits directly dictate your ability to climb…

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As the video tutorial that you can find on the IF YouTube page suggests:
0-10000ft VS 3000
10000-FL200 VS 2000
20000-FL260 VS 1500
FL260+ VS 1000 (or less)
Of course this depends on various factors, such as the weight of your plane but still the video tutorial is very useful and I recommend that you check it out!

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