Slowest Landing Possible @ WMKK - 131000ZAUG16

Server: Casual Server

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1000Z

NOTAM: South East Asian liveries if possible, not required oh and set your weight to light

Takeoff from runway the active runway on WSSS and head to WMKK runway 14L. Casual Server so fly at any speed you want.

-North Remote Apron
300- @The_Greatest_Basket
301- @Luke_O_Brien
302- @sk28
303- @Popcorn_HD
304- @xoXAnnahXox
305- @Ksisky
306- @Xpheros
307- @TheRedeemer
308- AvSeatonIG
309- @Adiguna
310- @jjt0909
SIA Hangar


I might come along

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Ok then which spot do you want

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North Hanger 302 please! I WILL be their!


Make it a wiki if possible.

North remote apron 300 for me, Scoot 787-9.

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What time?

5 PM if you live in Indonesia

North apron 310

I live un tunisia when i start fly ? At any time please ?

North Remote Apron 303 for me please!😊

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I can make it. Apron 306

I can go, any spot please!

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787-9 Tui Jet 1366 see you there.

Get 304 if you can

Ill take 306 please!

Can i have 303 plz

@xoXAnnahXox and @Xpheros your requested parking places were taken so I moved you to the nearest to your chosen parking spots.

Put me on 309 please, will be on jetstar 787-8. Thank you

Sorry can’t going. Its a 5 in the morning for me.

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Starts in 50 minutes!