Slower landing gear operation

A simple proposal…

I believe that the landing gear in IF retracts and deploys too quickly. This is a minor detail that would make the game a tad more realistic.

Currently, the gear on the A320 (for example) takes exactly 6 seconds to retract and deploy. IRL, it takes about 14 seconds to retract and 19 seconds to deploy from my timing. I have added some videos from YT to give some more context but I just think that it adds some realism if the gear operates at real-life speeds.

Please let me know what you think!

Much appreciated and thanks to anyone who votes,


this one above starts at 1:25

By the way this would be for all aircraft, not just the A320

Not a bad idea in my opinion


How about slower flaps distracing?
Like 757,767 and A380 so on…

This feature should be included when reworking the plane.


Unfortunately I’m out of votes, but it doesn’t seem too hard for FDS to change. (I’m also out of likes at the moment.)
All they have to do is slow down the animation, right? (I’m sure it’s not easy, but it seems easier than some of the other things they’ve been doing recently.)


That’s what I was thinking, from my programming experience, it may just require a few extra lines of code to slow down the process. Again, as you said it is probably harder than we think!

Feels like a separate request. I think it is more noticeable with the landing gear, as it is almost twice as fast as real life. Whereas the flaps speed isn’t as different to IRL.

Great feature request!

Adding on to it, it would be nice if the landing gear lever in the cockpit went down faster, as if one of the pilots used their hand to move it up or down. Currently, the landing gear lever takes the same amount of time as the gear down sound loop takes to complete. This is extremely unrealistic.

In the A330, you can see what the landing gear lever animation should look like. It takes about one second for the lever to be lowered and raised. Just another suggestion!


Yes, I agree with you

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The landing gear retracting/deploying on those ground check videos is slower than in the air anyway since there is no hydraulic power supplied by the engine driven pumps.


I voted. Good idea, maybe add slower flaps extend/retract as well. Should be a minor feature to update.

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I have watched some takeoffs and landings but it appears to be a similar time taken to operate the gear as to when being checked

This is a great request, and also a missed opportunity with the recent “rework” of the A320 series…

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Thanks for the support!

I think this is a good request, but I personally believe there are things more important, and I believe this would take a bit more coding than you think.

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I do agree, especially as people would be more eager to have new planes and reworks etc. There are things that could do with attention first but this could just be a small improvement. :)

Good idea! I support it.

Thank you! The support is highly appreciated

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They also reworked the cockpit a little.

@Charlie_Boothe @StephM, The DEVS did more to the A320 recently than just adding the Alaska livery, they added more liveries, wingflex, updated cockpit, and squashed some bugs too. This also was not a “missed opportunity”, this request came long after the A320 facelift. Hopefully, this comes in the next update or so.