Slowed Ascent

I was wondering if the time of ascent has been purposefully slowed, as I now have to climb at 600fpm in order for me not to stall and crash. (A319, 62% full, wind 238 at 57kts)

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I didn’t notice anything new regarding ascent, but if you are taking off with 57kts wind, then that is probably the issue.

Also depends on what altitude you’re at because your plane may not be light enough for higher altitude

What throttle setting are you using? A319 should have takeoff power between 89 and 95% N1.

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I used 97% the first time, but I didn’t make the end of the runway, so the second time I used 100%

N1 or Power setting? They’re different. N1 is shown on the top left and power is shown on the actual slider.

There are so many variables left undetermined here. You gave us the wind heading, but not yours. The wind’s heading is only relevant relative to your own. There’s a 57 knot surface wind?

Why are you trying to climb lower than 600 FPM? Or are you still on the ground and saying you can’t gain speed?

You say you ran out of runway…but runway at KEDW or KASE? We have no idea what distance that is.

At what speed are you trying to rotate?

We have about 1/20th of the picture and we’re trying to drag one piece out at a time. Can you clarify?


It seemed to have been a one-time occurance. All good now, thank you :)

Maybe try getting more speed before rotating. That way you have more leniency on speed and might could ascend faster. Also try step climbing: climb for a couple thousand, level out, then when you’ve regained speed, begin ascent again. Hope this helps.

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