Slow scenery editing recruitment

Hello everyone,

About 1 month ago I applied to become a scenery editor but I have not received an email to become one. I have submitted a application and have received no response.

If someone can help me please do it’s been over a month thank you


Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait this one out my friend until you are contacted. :) Unless you can find another way to process large amounts of applications as efficiently as they are now.


Like said above. We’re all in it together. I’ve been waiting for 6 months ;)


I applied the day it opened. Like everyone is saying… patience Patience patience

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Omg I’m so sorry

You are going to be waiting a lot longer…lots of us have been waiting several months…


I’ve waited already for more then 2 months. Just have patient to get accepted.


Slow is smooth… smooth is fast.


I applied day one which was back in June and still haven’t been accepted. Also applications have been put on hold until further notice so unfortunately you are likely going to be waiting for a good while.

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You’ll be accepted when they get to your application but unfortunately for you many of us (including myself) have been waiting for much longer than a month.

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