Slow response Time for API Calls

Device: IPhone 8
Operating system: 17.4.1
Flying from JFK to MEX and I see a Little orange triangle on the top right of my screen indicating Slow Response Time for API calls. What exactly does this mean ?

Correct me if I’m wrong, it means it takes longer than expected to receive a response from the server but usually it fix it self after some times.


This means any messages you get or, like ATC messages or stuff or your system operating will be delayed by a little time. Don’t worry this fixes itself after a few mins.

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The API is used by third-party apps like trackers and such.
These apps might be lagging a bit when the API is not up to its usual speed.

Delayed ATC messages can happen when the connection speed is slower than usual and or the ping is higher,
This is not API related.