Slow response on hotas x

Finally I got the hotas x to replace hotas 4. All buttons, throttle and the stick work well. The big problem is the slow response. All commands work after few seconds when the button pressed.

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Are you connecting the joystick with a OTG cable or live flight connect? Also device info might help, so if you could provide that, that would be awesome.

Liveflight connect with macbook air. IF is run by ipad pro.

I had a conversation with Cameron a while back about the same issue (I had it on both the Thrustmaster Hotas and Saitek Pro Yoke System)

Hope this helped!

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I tried to use keyboard to control the plane, same issue. Will there any new updates of liveflight connect?

Likely due to a slow connection. This happens to me when my internet decides to be slow.

Live flight relays information/commands to your device through the internet, so the most likely reason of this lag is your internet connection.

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