Slow refresh/lag of multiplayer planes loading

The sim runs perfectly smoothly, but the refresh of multiplayer planes positions is very infrequent, in other words they move, stop, move and stop. Is this a normality, or is there something wrong?

Is your internet connection working well? That may be the problem. I appreciate you bringing this up!

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This is fully normal and depends on your and their connection. We’re not talking speed, but latency.

You can have a super fast connection, but with high latency. And you can have a slow connection, with low latency. Latency is also known as ping response time.


I had the same issue. As well as what others have suggested, I suggest playing Infinite Flight with no background apps open.

However, what really fixed the issue for me was clearing up space on my device. Make sure to check that. Good luck fixing the issue.

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Be sure to limit multi-tasking. Streaming music, videos, other open applications, all take a hit on the network and CPU processing.


It has happened to be to as well, but make sure there’s no open tabs whilst playing and don’t be on max storage.

I’d say its refreshing every second, I’m not running any other apps and I’m at 42GB of my 64GB iPad Air 2

Ok, are you on max storage

no, I’ve used 42 of 64 GB

Shouldn’t be an issue.

Could you perform a SpeedTest perhaps? Use the free app called SpeedTest in App Store. I’m curious about your ping.

I’m checking that out now

Ok, I’m sorry that this hasn’t helped you but maybe try other people’s ideas. If no of that works maybe email infinite flight.

ok @schyllberg I’m at 30.61 mbps download, 3 mbps upload and PING is 4 ms

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Ok. Probably nothing wrong on your end then.
I’d say there’s nothing unusual here, but it’s hard to tell as you may experience it one way and myself another way. I totally understand what you mean, but i have never considered it an issue to be honest.

@schyllberg a second test I did seems to show my wifi absolutely sink - ping 11 ms, download 0.12 and upload 0.00 😂

could the fact I’m in Dubai be a factor? a long way from the majority of players?

Ouff, that sounds like a pretty unstable connection. Sounds like a good place to start. Restart/reset that router.

Proximity to other users shouldn’t affect, as you’re not directly connected to them.

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the test that was bad was run from a different server, when I select the server of my internet provider it stays similar to the first test I mentioned.

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Okay. Seems like poor interconnect from your ISP. Ironically, this is what i do for a living.

Not much that can be done in this case I’m afraid… As it sounds like the issue is your service providers connection to the rest of the world.


Are you on hotel or free wifi, or home/work wifi?