Slow Pushback Speed

While pushing back on any aircraft, my maximum speed is only 2 knots whereas when I see other pilots around, they pushback at 3 knots speed.
Also to bring to your notice, I am NOT talking about while taking turn, (Obviously during turn the pushback speed would reduce), while pushing back straight also, I get 2 knots.
My brakes are fully released and no problem is seen. What can be the possible solution?

Device- Redmi Note 9 Pro Max.

There is no solution, that’s just the speed that you’re pushing back at. While you might see a difference in ground speed between your plane and planes around you, I can assure that you all planes push at the same speed in a straight line.

The new speed, I would assume, was lowered as it’s much more realistic for planes to be pushing back at walking pace more than it is at a jogging pace.


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