Slow planes causing traffic jams

yes part of the etiquette is not holding up the line, its like a road

The pilot is in charge of their aircraft, and if they feel like 10-15 knots is appropriate for safe control of their aircraft, they have no rules against them to do so. On the other hand, cutting aircraft and bad pilot etiquette is most definitely against the rules of the Expert Server, so technically your actions are the ones at fault. Be respectful to your fellow pilots or do as I said, go to a different airport (such as the secondary airports that are much quieter).

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Is this a new rule? Last year someone cut in line at an event and that was not considered reportable.

its against the rules to drive through people or go like 60 knots on a taxiway but technically i dont think its against the rules to overtake others by taking another route as long as you taxi at a normal speed and not through grass and etc, that sometimes happens in real life

It’s quite disrespectful and frowned upon, and quite frankly, if you’re under my control, you’re not going to depart first.

If you don’t have any patience for other aircraft, don’t fly at the main hub. It’s as simple as that. There is more than one airport featured on a given day. Go explore.

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An this is not Innappropiate. Is off-topic.

BTW The OP liked that

That just in IF irl that data you are aloud to I believe is 25kts so 10kts is perfectly realistic I think you may have to be a little more patient

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I taxi at 10kts in some cases… is there something wrong with that? We’re on the Expert Server. Didn’t realize we’re playing F1, Forza, Grand Turismo…

Fun fact: Just because 35kts is the limit, doesn’t mean you have to go that fast.

If I see someone hauling it down a taxiway, I’ll intentionally keep a slower taxi speed to slow that one person down. There’s no rush. But thanks for notifying us that you like to taxi fast. I’ll keep that in mind if we ever cross paths on the server! 🙂