Slow planes causing traffic jams

What do you do when you are on a long taxiway to the runway, and stuck behind a slow plane which is moving at 10 knots?? There is only one taxiway going to the runway and it is very long, like half the length of the runway. I am stuck behind this slow plane going at 10 knots. This is on expert server. Should the ATC tell him to “please expedite”??

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I mean there’s really no written rule I don’t think, unless they’re holding traffic up on purpose, I would just taxi behind them at a safe distance.

Nothing ATC can do. 10kts is a normal taxi speed. Just stay a safe distance behind him so you don’t get reported lol

the maximum speed is 35 knots, 10 knots is ridiculously slow for a long taxiway of that size, it took like 10 minutes on that taxiway

I thought it was 15-25kts :l I personally go in that speed

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Honestly… anything below 30 is normal😂 it all depends on the airport

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People will always be slow in things, look at driving, biking, walking, just kinda gotta deal I guess 🤷‍♂️
I mean you could try messaging them on the IFC if they have an account

sometimes when there are 2 taxiways and the plane in front is too slow, I go on the second taxiway to overtake them then ATC tells me to “do not cut in line” which is not very realistic since in real life planes do not line up based on the order they arrived in, ATC organises them based on plane size, so really I don’t think ATC should put so much effort into making planes line up “fairly”.

Also if a plane is going at like 10 knots, and I overtook them, I’d probably be airborne by the time they arrived at the runway so its really not that big of a deal letting fast taxiers go first is it

I’d say the only “unrealistic” thing is you getting in a bit of a race to the runway. Sometimes you just gotta wait your turn… it’s a bit frustrating I know but it’s honestly better if you stay behind the slower plane rather then speed up to beat them.

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I definitly understand your point, but: just accept them how they are.
If i am behind slower Planes, i just follow them and take it calm. Of course it may takes away 2 or 3 minutes more of your time, but the only way to avoid that would be flying on casual where it doesnt matter.

So i would just say you, slow things a little bit down sometimes, it is not always about being fast

I will be honest, I’m that plane that’s going 10kts!

I don’t like to taxi too fast, my typical max taxi speed is 25kts.

Most of the time though, I’m at 10-15 knots.


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I mean it is better to do 10-15 knots on taxiing then 35 knots. I see a lot of people don`t have good control over their aircraft when taxiing too fast.

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heh thats me this morning on Kuala lumper … I was annoyed to be in the back of the line of 10 planes

yeah during the turns I slow down normally but on straight long roads not really

@PilotA320, you’d be wrong in saying that.

Be patient (I’m going to assume this happens prominently at the main hub). Pilot etiquette should be practiced at all times, regardless of how fast or slow someone is taxiing.

If it’s a problem for you, go check out the secondary airports, they’re significantly less chaotic, and your experience will be much more pleasant. You’ll also make a controller that may be twiddling thumbs happier ;)

Well in my home airport the max speed limit is 15kts.

It also depends on the pilot.

Like IRL stereotypes are that Southwest thinks they’re 2 hours late and American is just taking it like a Sunday Drive. My average taxi speed is about 20kts on a straight taxi.


10 knots is not holding up the line. Try doing some of Thunderbolts tips if you feel like you are being obstructed by “slow taxiiers”

I am in the same boat as @Aniket_Joglekar. Most of the time aircraft do not go very fast, I prefer to taxi on the slower side of things. Helps me go over checklists among other things during my taxi. There really isn’t, taxiing fast sometimes creates an uncontrollable environment for the aircraft and as an ATC I get a negative impression by aircraft going 30 knots on a taxiway. Just like we have different paces of runners, we have different paces of aircraft taxiing. Just go with the flow! ;)

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