Slow loading times... again

Same problem as last time,

I can not reproduce this at the moment, anyone else?

Got it when I left IF to open a replay, came back after a few minutes and it was still loading. Restarting the app solved the issue

Ignore that, still got the issue

Yeah, so the issue is still here. The loading times are still slow, but faster then earlier. The flight itself won’t load though.

@schyllberg Hi, any news?

We’re looking at it, but one of our providers are having issues with their metrics… so we’re a bit blind.

What i was able to look at was the scenery download, which seems to be running extremely slow. Had some tiles that were downloaded at less than 1kb/s… which is speeds equivalent to 1992.

Doing what we can to get it resolved asap.


Is this the same service provider that’s had the rest of the issues we’ve had lately?

Should all be fixed now, sorry about that. Going to look even more into this today


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