Slow flight and Steep turns Cessna 172 training questions (Simulator)

Hi Everyone
I am now a Student Pilot, flying a Real Cessna 172, and I have a question regarding flying the C172.

Obviously, Real life and Simulation are both very different things. I Haven’t attempted what I’ve learned from real life into IF, but I’m wondering.

Could I do the Steep 45º Turns (ya know, the one that pulls 1.4G’s) and Slow Flight in IF without stalling or falling out of the sky?

Has anyone attempted Slow Flight and Steep turns on the 172 in the simulator?

I’m curious so that I can try and work on this on the simulator to apply in my real world training.

Slow flight is when you get close to stalling but you maintain altitude and do bank angles no more than 5º in order not to stall the wings.

Steep turns involve you choosing an area or a heading, and turning beyond the normal bank of 10-15º to 45º (60º for CPL) and make a complete 360 degree turn.

Has anyone done this yet? I’m curious if you can apply your real world training in Infinite Flight.

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I’ve done it before and it kinda worked. I ended up stalling but recovered, so I’d call it a success.

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I haven’t tried any of these things and the cessna in Infinite Flight doesn’t seem as powerful as it may be in the real world. I may be wrong.

However, if you want to try these things, I suggest use solo so that if you stall and crash or don’t land successfully, nothing goes against you statistics.

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Yeah it works fine. Using Rudder when turning your ailerons will help a lot. I suggest to use rudder when your yoke is turned.

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Steep turns work fine for me. For steep turns, just build up speed before hand and then pull off the turn. Did it on casual a while back with @Brad for fun. Haven’t attempted slow flight, though.

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You can… just dont do it at high altitude (Ive learned not to the hard way).

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Slow steep turns = a wing stall

Make sure you have a good amount of altitude

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