Slow down speedy gonzalez!

I found this guy on the playground:image I don’t know how he got to 600kts in a 747-8 but ok.


Hahahahaha that’s a funny pic

Ha! Some pilots really push the envelope.

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Playground pilots=Not too good


I only flew here for ATC

Better ATC=Advanced

If you want people clearing you for ILS at 10K feet in LAX…


747SP :).

747SP was a shortened vrsion of the 747-200 so t had insanely good performance. But 600 kts. arispeed at 40k ft. seems a bit excessive. Was 600 GS?

It shows GS if you’re flying

That guy on the ground was at about 12,000 feet, doing about 600kts. I was at 42,000, flying at about 250 kts AIRSPEED.

Never mind I see now-Sorry I thought you were talking about the 747SP 😂, not the tiny dot a couple thousand feet below.