Slow down my flight

Currently I am away from home rn, and I would have to start my decent around 3:55 CNT and I’m getting back around 4:05. So I was wondering if a mod or someone could slow it down from .85 to like .81 or .82, (if possible) it’s not much of a difference but it would really help. This flights important because it’s New York to Sydney Qantas project sunrise and is low on fuel.

Call sign - Qantas 419 Heavy
Display name - Dale Gibson
Server - Training Server

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Can’t you just slow yourself down?

Like i said, I’m away from home, and the device is at home flying.

Oh, pardon me. I doubt a mod can do that, though.

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I’m afraid this isn’t possible. I think we’ve all learned the harsh lesson of poor planning.

If you don’t have someone who can physically get to the device you will most likely end up with some violations if descending below FL10 (Or you run out of fuel). You might just be doing circles at altitude around the airport or just way off course.

Use this as a learning experience. The good news is you will still be able to fly on the TS. Violations last 7 days.



This is why we read a post before we comment on it.

@Delta419 you would probably only add an extra 10 minutes or so to the flight. Perhaps you need to get them running shoes on 😜

Lol thanks, I doubt I’d get violations unless I’m really late like an hour, because there is enough fuel most likely for that so I would just end the flight.

A mod can close this topic now.

You wont be super far off course. If you are supposed to start decent at 3:55 and won’t get home until 4:05 you’ll only be 10mins off schedule and should be fine in terms of fuel.

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