Slow Communication

I think one of the few flaws of this forum is the slowness of communications between users. I’ll explain: sometimes it happens that you have to agree with someone to do the urgent things (test, pattern, etc.) but you can not because maybe the other person does not see notifications, fantastic would be if there was a connection between the forum and iF, so that when you’re flying you can see notifications. or a notification that can be seen even when the forum is in the background. have direct notification. what do you think?


You can enable email notifications which will send you an email every time you get a notification on this forum.


Yes i know but i was thinking something more faster like a notification or a bunner,that you alerts anytime…the mail if you dont check you cant know…

That’s because you don’t have email notifications turned on in your settings for your device.

Yes i have. but I was thinking something like a small bunner even while using IF

A banner pops up whenever you get an email even when you’re playing Infinite Flight.

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You mean ‘banner’? I’m not sure I’d want that. I occasional get banner notifications when I’m on IF and to be honest its’s a pain in the hoop most of the time. Usually distracting me at the wrong time, like on final or trying to respond to ATC instructions!


Sorry yes i mean Banner…understand your point but we need something to speed up communication…

Do we though? I got a desktop notification on my laptop when you responded to me. Seems simple enough. Most people have more than one device so if they were really that bothered about it they could keep any on the forum using that.

If you’re on Advanced controlling or flying in a busy airspace is responding to a forum post really going to take precedence over what you’re doing in IF? Respectfully I think you’re seeing issues when there are none. I get what you’re saying about trying to organise an event or pattern work but people aren’t always going to be glued to their phones/tablets. You’ve also got a range of users who live in a variety of different timezones and will be working/sleeping/shopping/going to the loo while you’re poised and ready at home.

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I agree with almost everything you say, I do not spend time looking at my phone, tablet or computer, for if you read well my topic, because of that I thought, if there was a way to receive notifications even when you’re not in the forum, and that different from the mail … maybe I can not explain well …

It would be hard to get a banner notification from anything that’s not a email exspecially on mobile devices computers it would be possible but you would gave to have another app or have the website opened in a tab