Slow aircraft download in 22.8 on Android

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610)
Android 12

After updating to the newest version of Infinite Flight I just wanted to do a quick flight with the new E190 but downloading the aircraft is really slow. I’ve been waiting for over 10 minutes to get to 50%.
I’ve already tried several things:
Changing wifi, no effect.
Device restart, no effect.
Reinstall app, no effect.


Since it is a new aircraft, just wait for it to download :D

Shouldn’t take 10 minutes though…aircraft download should take 60 seconds max…

this may either be your wifi or the servers being slow due to everyone trying to get the plane

Thanks for the report!

We’ve heard some reports about this on Android. We don’t have a workaround right now, but we’re trying to reproduce this issue on our end.

You might have to wait for the download to complete on this occasion


I initially thought it was my tablet’s Wi-Fi speed causing this but now it does appear it’s not just me


Same issue here, took me around 10 minutes to download the E190 after the update… Usually it takes only a few seconds after a new release…

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Can reproduce!

Xiaomi Mi 11i
Android 12, MiUi: 13.0.8

Slow download time when I took my first ever flight for 22.8!
After flight all returned to normal!

I’ve been trying some things. The long time of downloading is not only affecting the E190 but with all recent reworked aircrafts.
After the download the sim is very laggy, even with all the graphic settings in low. On airports with buildings the lagging is worse compared to airports without buildings. Even names of other pilots are flashing like crazy. Before 22.8 I never had any lagging and I had some graphic settings on high.

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I thought that was my internet. But it was kinda weird bcs it never took so long.

Samsung S22 Ultra | Android 12

Can reproduce again on the first part!

Phone gets a bit hotter faster than before, even though it handles it well! Hanging between 47-21 FPS! Very weird!

I can reproduce. S22+ Android 13

Same (iPhone 11, 2019, iOS 16.2)

Same here Galaxy Tab S7 Android 13

Same Here, took a while to download the E190 but, not really an issue once it’s downloaded.

Samsung Tab S7 FE

Same issue here, Goes up a percentage every 5 seconds

Had the same issue with slow aircraft download aircraft and loading the game than the previous version.

Samsung S8+

Same issue here, and then it goes back to my home screen during the long wait for the aircraft to load

Thanks everyone, we’ve isolated this in a test case locally and we’re working on improving it.

Note that this issue only affects Android. If you’re experiencing issues on iOS, please check your network connection and ensure you have sufficient download space available.


We’re rolling out 22.8.1 on Android which is a hotfix for the slow aircraft download issue.

Please update once it’s available. It should be at least 5x faster to download according to our testing.

Thank you for your reports and your patience!