Slope display and landing gear failure of B757

When I flew today, I found something wrong with the landing gear of the B757. It seemed to be crushed. The landing gear was completely abandoned😂… And the steering slope is different from the HUD panel (PFD-15°/HUD-10°). Which one should I choose?
Uploading: 1B61EBA8-CFB4-4EC6-AA73-36A843F9C0B4.png…
Uploading: DDD5BBF6-0BFF-45DD-933C-57B9458206C1.png…
Uploading: 92D3FA8B-DE2D-4EF2-A003-F220FEF6B3BB.png…
Uploading: 041D20C6-4E32-4BCA-B3A6-91B68DC84217.png…

I think you should go with:

“Uploading: 1B61EBA8-CFB4-4EC6-AA73-36A843F9C0B4.png…”

This one really doesn’t make the crushed gear seem like a serious threat.

All jokes aside, you may want to try to upload the images again 👀


you see that

I now see the new pictures uploaded, I say that the steering slope may be accurate in the HUD view, since it is locked in the center of the aircraft. However technology can fail and it can be the opposite, you may just have to choose your favorite and adjust as needed.

As for the crushed gear, I think it has something to do with the suspension, as there is not really any weight on the gear when it’s in the air, the gear seems to be extended as opposed to when it is supporting the weight of the plane on the ground.

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Gear looks fine to me , seems like you did some really hard braking…

I didn’t brake, and I didn’t exceed “MLW”

The same is true for the main landing gear, which only appears on the B757.

Each update will cause bugs for some models, such as the fan blade of the B777 and the current B757 landing gear.

Very true, I’m sure the devs are aware of those pesky bugs and will squish them with time. For now, we enjoy the game that we have and always find a way to enjoy Infinite Flight!

Now of course nothing can be simulated perfectly, the constraints on a mobile device are much different than a PC I’d assume. Look at the animation for the A330’s main gear for example…Anyways, the 757 has a very touchy suspension, especially on the nose gear. I flew the 757 twice yesterday and had no issues but similar to what is being shown here.

They need to fix issues asap, since this is a user paid subscription. No excuses .

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