Slips on C172

Hello fellow aviators, I wanna know how can I perform forward slips, under what conditions and flaps full throttle idle etc…I couldn’t perform successful slip while landing !! Some tips would be appreciated. What should be the wind setting if I fly on solo server so it’s easy for me in initial steps ?


So after reading your question, I was just re-testing myself on solo starting with 17kts direct crosswind in a 172. Rusty!

So I practiced some more and dialed the crosswind down to closer to 10kts and then continued below 10kts. When the muscle memory started to kick in again and control returned, I had gone down to maybe a 5kt crosswind. I was then able to go back up to 20kt crosswind and make some good, controlled landings. So it is demanding. But the rudder works well over a large range, which helps a lot.

I went to an airport with runways pointing east so I could simply set the wind direction out of 360 for a 90-degree crosswind.

What I focused on:

  1. keeping FPV as much as possible pointed down the centerline (though it still moves some, try to eyeball the average position)
  2. holding rudder pressure in the down wind direction to keep the nose mark on the HUD over the FPV as much as possible. This takes repetitive practice to get a feel for how much is just right.
  3. try to keep a bank angle pointed into the upwind direction, to keep you from drifting downwind, and to touch down on the upwind main landing gear wheel.
  4. use rudder to keep from yawing, but get it centered just as you put your nose wheel down (to avoid a ground loop)
  5. hold down pressure on the nose wheel to prevent yawing.
  6. use flaps and throttle as needed for your decent profile (flaps I didn’t pay attention to, but throttle I was adjusting to avoid too much sink rate, while still keeping the speed low enough to avoid floating down the runway)

During high winds we don’t go past 20 flaps


Important point. That’s the recommendation - not to use full flaps. Flaps lower your approach speed, when it’s preferred to have a higher approach speed in a crosswind.

I tried both, but there is less forgiveness/safety margin with more flaps.

Also, I said I tried a 20kt crosswind. That seems to be beyond the max demonstrated crosswind for the C172. I see max demonstrated crosswind numbers in the range of 15-17kts(?).

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With respect to the others, you can follow my tips…just send it lol 😆


Yes the max demonstrated crosswind in the POH is 17 kts


That’s a side slip. OP is asking about a forward slip.

@AvioBird777350 I’ve never had much luck forward slipping in Infinite Flight, but I haven’t spent that much time attempting it. Side slips are definitely possible and can be performed as @adit explained, however I’m not so sure about forward slips.


Good point! Although the OP mentioned wind settings so I wasn’t sure that was the intended meaning.

Also because a forward slip adds drag to accomplish a steeper decent. But it’s also a cross controlled condition which is maybe best avoided if possible (though in a lost engine situation it is a good skill).

I did just try a forward slip (set wind to 0). It’s a bit awkward with solo mode short final because you start already lined up (I need more practice).

For the forward slip, the FPV of course has to keep pointed in the direction you want to go, which you can accomplish (simply because it has to point somewhere). But your nose will obviously be off to the side.

How much the flight modeling adds drag though, I didn’t test enough to get a feel for.


Thank you everyone for giving me some tips and settings !! I will definitely try and update here once I perform the manoeuvre.

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