Slippery Smooth Landings


The word smooth makes no sense either:



Butter landing is the term that has been searched the most on google in the US within a year.


As smooth as sliding butter on bread 👌


@Swiss How about a compromise: Soft.

Definition 2 and the bullet points


How about going with respecting the actual aviation tradition dating back to before any of us were even alive


Great sense of humor😂


Next time I won’t forget to butter those big round tyres of the aircraft!


And how about we stick to “expertly flared”


I know I’m not on here much, but…


So… by definition, I’d assume this landing would be considered " butter " ?
the a318 is great for smooth landings


Nice wish I could butter like that.


Not finding the term “butter” that elegant to be frank.
Now if some want to use it as a “nickname” for greasing… it won’t prevent me from sleeping properly.
However, at AFKLM we use the term “to caviar” the landing.
It’s just for the fun, and also because it sounds French and Chic 😂😎
We know it isn’t an accurate nor a real term, but as I said, it’s for the fun :)
On that useless note, safe landings everyone!


Nice videos and buttered landing!


Butter by @Swiss plays in the background


this is unacceptable


Butter, Soft, Grease
Don’t work. So why don’t we say the plane kissed the runway? That would make more sense…


ur very smart


The cringe in this topic is next level! AFP97 or whoever she is that coined this needs to stop.


How someone kiss out of their legs? Unless you are pigeon. Im not even sure they kiss.


Get it right, his name is Airproduct94