Slippery Smooth Landings


Oh you don’t? Well here’s some actual aviation articles about it to help you accept it and stop leading young minds astray.

Here’s a couple videos on YouTube too. Note these are real planes greasing their landings.

Not until he recognizes the appropriate aviation terminology.


But you do know that I am just making jokes about it at this point?

You must be really fun at parties…


Nice landing, good job!!


Ok, I don’t care if it’s called greasing the landing, it’s a sim. I’ll call it butter, you can call it sim, and we can all get along. It’s not like we’re ever going to fly together. The chances of me meeting you are pretty slim


Way more fun than you are


There is no need for this, Butter and Grease mean the same thing, so why does someone else’s personal preference matter. Now lets all calm down and get our maturity back.


That’s what I was trying to say. Thank you.

Not Sarcastic


Not to be a kill joy however, now that we have discussed ‘Butter’ & ‘Grease’ can we finally get back to commenting to @T1MMY4L1F3_YT posts about the Butter?
Thanks all, and lets do what @BadPlane suggested.

Btw, some very good videos @T1MMY4L1F3_YT!


Thanks to @Ondrejj and @Gibberish for their support


English if you don’t mind


Love how ‘greasing…’ is considered a safety feature lol



As many as can doing


Grease the runway, your passengers won’t even feel it.

Aviation tradition.


Best. Toast. Ever. So much butter


Hi Tim,

I edited your title to make it not so misleading. I came to this topic thinking someone invented a new type of butter and I was disappointed to say the least. I was disappointed because I didn’t find any butter. I was even more disappointed that I did not find any croissants either. Thought I was entering a 5 Star Restaurant. 😭

What I did find however, was you making some smooth landings. With that said, I’d refrain from using “Butter” when you’re talking about landings. Butter is a meaningless word when it comes to aviation and does not describe an action. And because I don’t see any bread or butter in your videos, I’m asking that you and others don’t do this.

I have included a definition and a wonderful visual picture of butter for you and those who still may not understand what this fatty substance is.

Thanks for the understanding and have a great day!


@DeerCrusher Hilarious. I guess @Swiss taught us wrong in his videos! Just kidding


Yeah. Sorry he taught you guys wrong. 😔


Hey Deer, been waitin’ on you 😉


this has just changed into a grease vs butter topic now … xD



Let’s just call it smooth dammit