Slippery Smooth Landings


Nice! Yes, you buttered the bread.


This is butter

And as @DeerCrusher so eloquently puts it in this post

It has absolutely nothing to do with aviation.


For the love of all things holy, vary your verbs from time to time.

Grease a landing or something


Technically the correct term is ‘grease’ but never mind!


Like the ppl above said butter sound wierd other then old terms grease…anyways it’s new age comes new slang ;) I would like to know is it swiss001 came up with butter landing?


Buttered the bread


Yes @GatwickGuy it would seem he and a few other Flight Sim YouTube types came up with this scourge and craze about a certain dairy product as you can’t find any mention of it other than in flight sim videos.


I still do not accept the term “grease”.


We still do not accept your “content” 🙃


Thank you sir


Back off of Swiss,
He and AFP should do a collab sometime though, once on IF and once on FSX


-Swiss001’s butter plays in the background-


Just imagine AFP doing an IF video


Ha, that would be hilariousness and child friendliness


Imagine you doing FSX and having to speak


I’d say that’s more like. Jam, it’s so damn smooth.


That would be so damn funny… now imgaine he makes an IF vid where he is making ATC on the training server


The term grease sounds so weird after saying butter for so long


Read my mind @Kirito_77


The term b***er sounds HORRIBLE to REAL aviation enthusiasts and avgeeks everywhere.