Slippery Smooth Landings


hello guys, so i just wanted to show you these landings i did in a 747-400 and an A380 on solo

i just want to know if i did a butter or not? im not that good at buttering the croisant on IF :) ;)
thanks for reading :)
-kind regards Tim.


Nice landing 👍


thanks! ;)


It is really smooth looking. It would be consider it as grease.

Although it would be nice to see what your fpm descent was. The V/S during touchdown.


i acctualy have a recording of the same landing from inside the cockpit, let me look for it @Captain_JR


@Captain_JR i found it!, here you go :)


Since this is the replay on Solo it doesn’t show the correct V/S as it was when actually doing the landing…


i also foudn these, lufthansa A380 landing (dont mind the centerlin xD)


with the altitude you can sort of still make out how fast it was right?


Yeah, both looked very smooth. I’d say they were greasy 👌


i feel accomplished now, normaly i cant butter at all xD


Veeeeery Buttery


thank you!


Also that 747 landing was first try, the A380 was like 3rd try


Greasy landings! Good job.


As Airforceproud95 would say, “50, 40, 30, 20, 10, MMMMMMMMMMM BUTTER!”


Thanks I like afp 😃


No need to have Butter ?. These are definitely buttered landings !!


thank you! :)


what aircraft should i try to butter next, keep in mind my subscription has run out so i dont have all the aircraft sadly :(