Slippery Runways

With global coming out and our current live weather reporting, I thought it would be a neat idea to have slippery runways implemented in the sim.

METARs report runway conditions and braking conditions, so I thought it would be cool if live weather could actually impact runway performance. We could have a coefficient of friction rating attached to each runway that would correspond with its given weather condition (found in the METAR). This would have the effect of making landings more challenging in “wet/snowy areas.”

For example: If you’re landing in typhoon conditions in the sim, with gusty winds, poor visibility, and rain, the coefficient of friction on the runway would require you to use increased braking distance. Hydroplaning could also be implemented in this.

PS: This is not request for dynamic weather (snow, rain, hail) but for a coefficient of friction rating to be added to runways giving each runway a different degree of difficulty. Ideally live coefficient ratings would be ideal, but I don’t know what resources the devs can use to get this information, so a simple estimate/guestimate would suffice given the weather condition.


Distance Chart:

Oh my, Imagine TS but this is a great idea


For airport editing, we can change the roughness of runways but I have no knowledge whether or not the data actually renders into Infinite Flight.

Edit: Not sure how we could have water or snow on the runways anyway. But I guess roughness data could help.


haha i can imagine allready

Yeah it would be more about roughness/smoothness.
Snow/rain is just the visual, I care more about the physics right now. Visual can always be added later with dynamic weather if they plan to do that


Can’t crosswind takeoff,

add some slippery runways.

I’m doomed.


I’m sure most of them would run out of the runway 😂

Btw, Nice idea! Fully supporting this (Wish I have more votes)


Amazing idea but may be hard to make!

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It has been a while since this was presented but I believe this will be a monumental add to IF as it woukd make the weather far more interactive than just adding the rain or snow visuals. This would make landings and takes far more exhilarating.

This would be awesome. It’s actually kinda hard to takeoff because winds just drags you off of the runway. If we had this, we would just skid down the runway and takeoff.

It would be beautiful. Voting for this

Would love ground physics like x plane:)
Crosswind landings and takeoffs would be more easy!!!

Agreed! you have my vote! It would almost be like real life when there is bad weather.

TBH I dont want this, I have always adored infinite flight for being something semi realistic but still easy enough to master, thats why I don’t play X plane 10 or fsx, they are SO realistic that I just cannot play them almost, like I have to do a ton of google searching on how to start up, adding all this stuff will I feel take away its charm in my opinion of reaching that just right level of realism but also being easy enough for newcomers

It’s only about ground physics…

I know no one has commented on this in a while, but I am taking AP physics with friction and with the snow in New York now, this would be very cool!


Thought this were logically a standard feature in IF already…but it isn’t? Voted, for sure!

I like this idea full reverse thrust might be used more

It is a good idea your request, because it is true that currently on IF, the weather does not affect the airstrips and it is true that it is slightly disappointing. And if this feature is added on IF in an a new update this will bring an existing difficulty.

everyone lands halfway down the runway…
Ocean suddenly has more planes than the actual airport… :/

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Grip levels on the ground need a lot of changes. With the new rudder system it has become really hard to stay on the runway after a crosswind landing cause of the tires having way too much grip