SlimeFlyer's ATC tracking thread (Closed)

Hello Community!
I will post here whenever I will be ATC’ing. This will be for ATCEG and for the TSATC So all openings will be on the Training Server! Also, when I finish feel free to post any sort of feedback!

Controlling?: No
Server: Always TS1
Airport: N/A

Thank you and happy landings!


EGPF is open for pattern work!
Using runway 05
Edit: now closed

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Use (Open/Closed) for the title so it’s easier for members :))

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Thanks, just changed it

That’s how I set mine up. Either (Closed) or (Open) @ ICAO - TS

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Thanks for the help, can you spawn if your available as nobody has come yet thanks

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I’ll come along in a minute

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Sorry but I just closed

Oh no worries, maybe next time

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KSAV open tower+ground!
Runway in use: 28
Edit:Now closed!

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