Slightly updated HUD

The HUD we currently have is very good however there is a few things that could be added to make it even better.

The picture above is a Honeywell designed HUD. The idea of this addition is the Blue box around the runway and a blue approach line to help for accuracy. This doesn’t have to be for the new people but for everyone. It even helps when the grass runways at airports are hard to see on approach. So this is why i created this request just to have a tiny addition to make it more accurate for people when landing and guided to their runway.

I personally think the HUD is fine as it is - we don’t want it too cluttered. Plus with the addition of live cockpits - people are using the HUD less and less as more aircraft get live cockpits

Also remember to vote for your own feature request!


It could be available to turn it on or off if you would wanted to

Also we technically already have this sort of thing with the “Landing Aid” boxes which you can toggle on and off in the Infinite Flight settings…

It isn’t the same as it doesn’t help guide you down it just shows the approach line and where the runway is.

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Er…the landings aids follow the approach line…and are centered on the runway(s)…what’s different about that…

If you follow the middle of the landing aids you will end up on the runway…

Yes but this isnt big boxes in the sky. And doesn’t teach you the altitude to start going down. As i said the main part is that it helps you see which runway you are landing on and if you are on grass runway that they blend in then you can see it

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If anything big boxes in the sky is better because they are very noticeable - you can’t miss big red boxes against a blue/green/brown background - beginners as well as pros might not notice a faint blue line/box on the ground. Also the boxes start from about 10 miles out and they descend towards the runway so they are doing this:

It’s just being more minimalist although im still sticking to my opinion

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Can you please just accept that what you are requesting is basically the same as the “Landing Aids” we already have…

@schyllberg please help…I am struggling to prove my point here…thx!

That’s your problem, not mine ;)



Okay, I just wanna express that lol, now so I don’t get flagged lemme add my opinion:

We love realism, so whichever request that could provide user experience closer to what real life pilot sees I’d go for that, don’t care if its more complicated or clustered as long as it resembles closely to real life models.

Which brings the question: OP says that his feature request is based on the Honeywell model, does the one IF currently have is modelled from an existing model as well?

My thumb is edging closely to the vote button :)

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I think it is based off something…but I can’t remember what exactly?

Don’t ask me, i have no idea and it pre-dates me. I think it’s a mix of a couple different with focus on the most important things you need to know. Most models IRL didn’t even have a HUD when ours were made.

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I didn’t say that… :)

In my opinion the kind of HUD you shared (which features a special runway vision too) isn’t really that common with civil aircraft. I would argue, that the current one is much more similar to the B787’s or EJet’s HUD.

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What you are referring to is synthetic vision (smartview) which would be weird to have on the HUD camera view. If you’re talking about in the live cockpit, that’s a different story. The outline along the runway is pretty cool though.


The 4 aircraft, nice. Takes about 6 to 8 months to rework an aircraft.

I think this feature would be good along with adding radar altitude. I am getting slightly concerned with the focus on re-works (777) that take many many months over ui/smaller improvements which could be added more often. I have tried the RFS app, and I dont like the physics/views at all which keeps me on IF for now, but boy do I wish it had some of the smaller features like SIDs/STARs and other smaller features…

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Agreed, I appreciate the IF crew and devs but i too grow impatient for these updates.