Slightly disturbing finding in Infinite Flight

Ok, a few hours ago and I was looking through all of the liveries in infinite including the airbus a330-300. One of them is the factory livery. I looked at the registration on the plane trying to figure out what the plane was in real life and the registration of that a330 was F-GZCP. It sounded familiar so I just searched it up and turns out that aircraft was given to Air France in 2005 4 years later it was operating as AF 447 from Rio de Janerio to Paris when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. I’m quite sure about the fact that there is no other a330 with the exact same registration except for the crashed one. So I’m not sure if this is a scan of that one from a picture before that or what? AF 447 was operated by a A330-200 so it does not make sense that this is the actual aircraft.


Actually. That sounds interesting and deep down I would not even think of this.

The answer mostly depends on how did the 3D Artists create or make liveries.

I will check if this is actually true.


Woah…very cool find

It is so amazing what you can do while bored while flying in IF


I did not know that, interesting find.

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Just checked, it’s the registration of the factory livery.

I guess it depends on a lucky search. It should be mistakenly given.

But why do you think they would use the factory registration on one of their planes if it was already used by another aircraft. I know it would have been temporary but still seems kind of odd


Interesting how some tend to see things from a “disturbing” perspective instead of a honorary one.
Glass half empty?

Have you ever considered it might have been for honorary reasons? ;)


Thought about this as I read the post. Nice touch of remembrance!

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Honestly it could have been for that. I am usually a person who is a glass half full guy. When I think of that in a harder way I now can kind of understand maybe why.

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Regardless, still an interesting find:)

Those were flight numbers, not regs. But point taken :)

In all honesty, i don’t believe anyone remembers exactly why this registration was chosen as quite a lot of years has passed since. But knowing who i work with, it was for remembrance purposes and nothing else.

Interesting thing regarding this. One of the most requested liveries a few years ago, was the Malaysian 777-200ER. Guess why?


Probably for a way of the community to remember the incident or if people are twisted well you know, not gonna say it…


Strange, but I couldn’t find the one you talking about. There is only A330-200F not the A330-200

It does seem weird, though. You would think that the staff would be a lot more outspoken about the remberence of the plane if it was honorary… I don’t think it is bad to be skeptical about things.

Not everything has to be outspoken loudly.


flight numbers is what you are looking for and are what people remember, i don’t think that many people care about aircraft registration an aircraft is just a machine after all and that aircraft happened to have that registration on it and that doesn’t matter as much as the flight number since that aircraft did many other normal flights.

many people like you will probably also think that mentioning “737MAX” is a something disturbing to hear “taboo” because every mention of “737MAX” only reminds them of the fatal accidents and causes them to develop fear/trauma from that specific aircraft type, i personally think this is not healthy.

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Yes it’s for honorary reasons for sure. It’s kind