Slight map bug

So I decided to hop on solo to mess around, I had “automatic set airport” on so I was gonna spawn at LPMA

When I loaded into the game, I loaded into KSFO

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Oh I should probably mention I was watching a replay in KSFO not too long before

Have you flyed in this update? That happens when a new update comes out. Also, have you watched a replay in KSFO?

Yes I’ve flown with the new update.

Oh, now we know what happened

Wait but it said I’d spawn in LMPA

The Home Screen thing said I’d spawn in LMPA but I loaded into KSFO

Try again, now i have my doubts about if it is a bug or not

I have a video but idk how I’d send it

There’s a button when typing that says “upload”, is like an arrow coming from a rectangle

I can’t upload videos only photos

Never seen a video be uploaded through Discourse of all things. You’re better off quickly uploading to YouTube and putting a link.

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