Slight lag inside cockpit of 772

When I try to move the camera inside the cockpit, I can sense a bit of lag/stutter. It’s not as smooth as other planes like the 737 etc.
I’ve tried lowering the settings down to the minimum and switched off battery saver and stuff. It gets worse when the HUD is on as well.
The 772 is usable but it just is difficult at times.
I can play on higher settings in nearly every other plane except this one.


Hi there what device are you using?
What are your IF graphics settings?

Moving the camera too fast may result in shuddering but also lowering your graphics settings may help. The live cockpits take a tad more horsepower to render.


I’m using the Honor Play with 4GB of RAM. I usually play with medium settings for all but when I’m using the 772, I’ll set all of them to low and not show any aircraft. If I don’t move the camera, it’s not that bad, I can fly around, it’s just I tend to move the camera quite a bit.
Rendering Quality: Low
Resolution : Low
Anti Aliasing: Off
Airplane Count : Off
It tends to get worse after going into low power mode for longer flights as well

Low power mode will reduce the frame rate. As you touch the screen it should turn off when adjusting the camera.

There is a lot of things happening in the 772 with everyone wanting live instruments. Do you have a video of what you are experiencing? Chances are it could be normal but would be nice to know for sure.

Here’s a recording of what I see.

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