Slight Discoloration of the FedEx Boeing 777-200F


I’ve noticed that the colors of the FedEx 777-200F are slightly lighter than what they are in real life. I understand that this is a very minor issue, but it is a bug nonetheless.

As shown in the picture, the purple is a bit lighter and the orange is significantly lighter. In the real photo, the orange is more of a reddish-orange while the one in Infinite Flight is a light orange.

Way to reproduce:

  • Open infinite flight
  • Select the 777-200F
  • Click on “FedEx”
  • Spawn in
  • Move camera around
  • Observe the color difference.

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest Infinite Flight Version


But you have to be honest!! Its a beautiful aircraft!

I believe the color difference is just because the Real Life picture is of a plane that has been in service for years, Infinite Flights is painted like it is a brand new aircraft.

But I do see where you are coming from… Orange is not Red. (Maybe that can be fixed in the future)


Actually, I’ve noticed that the newer aircraft have an even darker shade of orange. Can’t get the picture now but it you look on Boeing’s instagram, they recently posted a photo of FedEx’s newest 777 and the orange is pretty dark.

You have to take the atmosphere, angle, how well your display represent colours etc etc into consideration.


Ive tried just about every angle with fog and time of day; still looks the same. If you can personally find a way to get the color on par with the real life one I’ll gladly mark you as the solution!

But Thanks For Contacting Support and your post may have been the best Support Post I have seen yet (all of the details are there and its easy to read)

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Tomatoe tomato, it is such a small discoloration it isn’t worth the developers time. Anyway we will hopefully be getting the FedEx livery on the MD11/DC10, so I hope it will be even better then.

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Honestly, man, personal feeling, from the pictures above, orange in the IF looks better to me than the dark shade from the real one. Dark or light, to see FedEx is always a beautiful sight.

And to agree with what Mr Schyllberg has said, the quality of the camera lens, time of the day, position when that real photo was taken… no way possible to reproduce the same effect in a simulator!


Uhh, this won’t be wasting the developers’ time at all. I’m no developer but I’d say it would take them a maximum of 10 minutes to change the color.

I noticed this a while back and I brought it up now because the FedEx MD-11 is coming and I hope this doesn’t happen to it either.

It looks like it still hasn’t been fixed. Since the FedEx MD-11F is actually in the game, I can do a side by side comparison so the discrepancy can really be shown. Also, the 777-200F seems to have a gray-ish tone to it.

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I’m sure this can easily be fixed in a rework of the aircraft as a whole. Almost 100 votes on the feature request:

Remember that many people were waiting for the MD-11 update to release, and that all focus was on getting the update out there.

There’s a whole world out there to explore. Everything will fall into place for Infinite Flight, but it takes time!

We don’t even need to wait for a rework of the whole aircraft. As you probably saw, Laura was able to push the fix for the AA MD-11 without needing to update the app itself, and Im sure this is no different.