Slideshow Splash Screen

The concept that I am presenting is a change from the original still splash screen that is currently depicted when you are spawning in the simulator. Instead of having a default image, I am proposing that we have some kind of slideshow of popular (most liked) unedited images that can be found right here on the forum. I realize that the loading screen is only there for a meager period of time but, I think that it would be pretty entertaining toward many to have a quick GIF of a few rotating images instead (or video loop due to quality issues). Also, it would not be too troublesome to edit or change every month or so.

This is a great idea, I do get bored looking at the one image; especially when it takes a while to load. You have my vote!


That is great! I do definitely agree with you on the fact that the single image can get boring to look at if the loading time is longer than usual.

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I agree with this, variation is a good thing and I think it would be really cool to have a slideshow on the loading page. My only query though - would there be enough loading time to have a slideshow?


That is the one minor issue, the time varies based on device, internet connection, etcetera. Although, most times, if you noticed, the loading time spawning in the simulator is never always exactly the same or consistent.

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I like this idea. It allows some of the users to show some of their screenshots.

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That is also true, it would be a great way to encourage more users to share their own screenshots with the entire community.

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I know there is the “Best IF Pics” thread. Personally, I think it would be better to show raw images (besides cropping the task bar at the bottom)…

Yes, and all of that stuff could easily be talked about among all of the developers if they decide to implement something like this.

I like this idea a lot, it would be nice to look at especially for slower devices that take long to load (although this might slow it down more). I’d hope it would showcase all the new aircraft 👍

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Make an option to disable it/enable it in the setting, maybe?

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It may but, that is why I would recommend a GIF rather than a video loop as it would take up less storage. If it did take a tiny bit longer to load atleast people would be able to enjoy it!

That would also be a pretty cool feature!

A GIF would probably be really bad quality.

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That was my concern as well.

Hmm, true. I guess that is something to leave the developers with and happy anniversary by the way!

The devs can always get around anything it seems ;)

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I have just added this because of that and no problem!

Happy anniversary @anon31652286. I’m going to focus on my flight from OMDB>OTHH.

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