What’s are these little sliders for?
I messed around and got one to move but have no clue how I did it.
Thank you all

I think that indicates your scroll for the systems

It is to scrolldown the system menu down to show all buttons that may have been hidden…

Yeah scrolls down so u can get to the controls(Door,Cargo)

Strange I can’t get them to move

Slight visual bug. 😐 Are you on a tablet?

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Sometimes they don’t move if the system buttons are on screen and none are hidden or onscured

Yes, iPad 2018 32 gigs.

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The sliders are there for the phones. But for some reason it appears that the graphical portion of that carried over for the iPads and Android tablets. Will try to get this addressed in the next update.


Ok, thanks for the quick response, this may be closed now.