Sliders are Malfunctioning

Device: iPad Air (5th Gen)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.1.2
Control settings: All default settings

I’ve been experiencing issues with the sliding rudder and throttles. I’d slide the rudder/reverse thrust to a certain position and they’ll reset themselves when my finger was still at the same position.

This occurs in perhaps 1 in 5 flights. I’ve not seen a fixed way to reproduce this, and it appears to occur randomly. I’ve had this issue for some time but I can’t be sure exactly when it started.

Take for example I flew a QF1 SYD-SIN-LHR flight. My sliders were working absolutely fine for the SYD-SIN leg, but upon touchdown at LHR, the rudder and throttles began to malfunction as mentioned above.

Would this be an IF issue, or is something wrong with my device?


I just started a new flight and those issues went away, hence I doubt there is something systematically wrong with my device.

I don’t think it’s a problem of IF
When you swipe the screen, be careful not to extend your fingers beyond the edge of the screen. Also, try to clean your device’s screen
Are you using tempered glass screen protector on your screen?

Hello! I forgot to add, that both rudder and thrust reversers would malfunction simultaneously in the same occasion, so I really doubt it’s something related to my fingers not being on screen. Also, I tried to replicate the issue again immediately after without cleaning my screen, and I couldn’t replicate. So I think my device should be fine since this issue comes randomly, and not systematically.

Hi, is there any help for this? I just ended a long haul (16 hours) and it occured again. I’ve noticed that this issue may be more likely to occur after a long haul flight.

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