Sleeping during long haul

I wanna try doing a long haul but just sleep through it but im not sure the best way

Takeoff and climb to cruise…

Sleep during the cruise…

Make sure you set an alarm so you wake up in time for descent…

Descend and land…

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The best way is choos a rout that fits your sleep schedule then take off wait till cruise altitude go to sleep and at the next morning when you wake up your ready to Land. Don’t forget to plug in the charger overnight.


It’s the case for many of us 😂
Just don’t arm VNAV before sleeping and set an alarm clock to remind you of descending and you’re all set


Tips for Over-Nighter Long Hauls:

  • Choose your route accordingly as to how long you plan to sleep
  • Make sure to start your overnighter long haul with your device fully charged (100%)
  • If in-case the above isn’t possible, then make sure to have your device plugged in during cruise
  • After taking off and reaching your cruising altitude, do not activate VNAV! If you accidentally oversleep and have your VNAV activated, you could end up with violations as your aircraft starts to descend and overspeed
  • Make sure to enable low automatic power mode which can be found on the IF app > General > Enable low automatic power mode
  • I would “recommend” having your graphics set to the lowest to avoid your device overheating or the app crashing
  • Lastly, set an alarm so that you’re awake for the descent! (Example: If your flight time is going to be 10hrs, then set an alarm for 30 minutes before that)

NOTE (Optional):

  • Not a lot of pilots know this but when you reach cruise, go into cockpit cam and set it to be looking either towards the roof or the floor of the cockpit. This helps battery life considerably as it won’t have to load / download scenery when you’re cruising

If you follow most, if not, all steps mentioned above then you’re good to go!


Litterally every pilot and cabin crew do this. They take “Controlled Rests”. They sleep for a certain amount of time and set an alarm (Within the aircraft) and wakes them up to end the shift. For the pilot, same thing, First Officers do the work until the alarm wakes the pilot up. I do this a lot because im not looking at a cockpit for like 6+ hours.

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