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I will be flying SLC to LAX on the 28th of July. I’m traveling with my family (5) and need to be at LA for 4:30PM at the very latest (as I’m catching my flight home). There are many early flights (6:00AM etc) but because my connecting flight is 11 hours I don’t really want to get up that early. So any flights after 11:00AM are good.

Anyone know where I can get the cheapest price?


Your best option for a range of available flights would be Delta as both SLC and LAX are one of their hubs and they have flights going throughout the day. It would be best to have a flight at 10 rather than 11:00 Am because for an international flight (What i’m assuming you mean by an 11 hour connecting flight) you have to go through security again since the TBIT does not have secure connection to the other terminals. The flight from SLC-LAx is usually 2 hours long so you want a flight that gives you at least 2-3 hours to connect in LAX.



I’ve looked on skyscanner, it’s a pretty good price comparison site which compares the price across travel agencies and airlines. It shows up the cheapest flight after 11am as the 11:05am - 12:07pm direct Delta service (DL2042), currently priced at £90/$112 per person. Have a look here. Might be worth setting up a price alert, one would hope the fares might get cheaper…

Hope this helps you!


Thanks guys! I’ll take a look.


I’ll have a look. I’d try southwest or something but I’ll keep looking.

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I found a flight with delta 8:35-9:42 flight hours and price is $500-$600 for all of you. That’s for 5 adults

these is the info

this is an extra flight a bit later

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Thanks man! I’ll take a look

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