Slats as Its Own Button

Hey IFC. So multiple aircraft in IF have slats. But they only deploy upon deploying the flaps. I would like to see an option for slats and degrees like flaps. This would make the game more realistic and add variability to landing configurations.


What aircraft do this? The 76 (?) I see pictured I’m pretty sure doesn’t have this abillity.

Are they not tied together in real aircraft?

Most of the heavies, supers, and the new CRJ have slats, along with others.

No they aren’t. Pilots will configure them just like flaps with degrees.

They are on the aircraft in IF too, but I don’t think they can be deployed on their own.

Yeah they can’t. That’s my feature. Deploying them separately than flaps like in real life.

I’m saying in real life. If they can be deployed separately how come there aren’t two levers?

"However, in modern aircraft, the answer is no. In normal flight, slats are flaps are needed only during take-off and landing. And although flaps and slats do not extend/retract in the same sequence, one pilot-operated lever manages to do it all. "

Yeah, the newer Boeing and Airbuses have one lever, but the older aircraft have degree positions on a separate lever.

I found that same source, take it how you want but that’s how I always thought it was, but we need a pilot in here to tell us…

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So this would be only on some aircraft?

(Not complaining just wondering what you think)

Yes, some aircraft would have a separate slats lever. I’m guessing the Boeing 717 for example would have it though I don’t know for sure.

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Ok, I like that, I don’t have a vote unfortunately but intriguing idea…

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Far right lever is labeled flap/slat. Pretty sure it’s one lever on a 717. I don’t know of any other aircraft in IF that might have multiple. It’s the same on the DC-10 (oldest commericial a/c in IF)

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Do you know what the dial is on the right of that lever? Huh, I guess you guys are right…

I’m not sure what the dial is, but I don’t think it would be for slats. I also did a little bit of research and the 717 cockpit is based on the MD80 which is based on the DC8 which is similar to the DC10 which even that doesn’t have slats separate.

Wow that’s a lot of based on. XP

On the A380, when you select the flaps to flaps 1, the slats do not deploy is that the right word?. When you select them as ‘1+F’ the flaps do not move, just the slats. This is basically the same thing.

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