Slack Outage

We know many of our users use Slack to communicate in VAs. We are receiving reports that there may be a larger slack outage impacting majority of the workspaces.

Just hang tight and the slack team should get it back so soon as they can.


Ah thank you! I wasn’t sure if this was on my end or as a whole.


Yeah been wondering what was wrong, apparently they’re havin a connectivity issue, hopefully get it back up and runnin soon, thanks for the heads up


So slack is not working right now? It keeps saying I’m offline.

If it says you are offline then yes, slack is not working.

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Aware of this, wasn’t sure if I could post it here though.

Thank You for informing IFC!

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We aim to please. No need to create a dozen “hey is slack down” threads when one will do.


I’m happy it is being fixed

Slack seems to be working on mobile, just wanted to throw that out there.

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It’s been on and off for me


Takes a while to establish a connection but works for me

Thank you for the info. Hopefully things will get working again!

We really appreciate you sticking with us. We know this is a big disruption to your day, and we’ve got all eyes on this issue to get us back up to normal.

8:33 AM PDT・See in your timezone

We have no new information to share just yet, but we’re continuing our efforts. Your patience is truly appreciated.

8:03 AM PDT・See in your timezone

We are continuing to work on fixing the connection problems that have been impacting folks. We hope to have the issue fully resolved as soon as possible.

7:33 AM PDT・See in your timezone

Our team is still looking into the cause of the connectivity issues, and we’ll continue to update you on our progress.

7:03 AM PDT・See in your timezone

We’ve received word that all workspaces are having troubles connecting to Slack. We’re currently investigating the issue, and will have updates shortly.

6:33 AM PDT・See in your timezone


Offline on mobile as well. There are some of members in my CA Squad that can still send messages while I’m stuck on only reading messages.

To stop this thread getting overly cluttered up… Is it really necessary for everyone to update us on their personal situation? It’s on and off for various people… Until we have a definitive “it’s working” from Slack Technologies, I don’t think it’s really necessary to have any more non moderator posts…


Great idea. Will update when we get more info. We don’t know more than you do by looking at updates.

From the people at Slack!

We’re happy to report that workspaces should be able to connect again, as we’ve isolated the problem. Some folks may need to refresh (Ctrl + R or Cmd + R).